Valentina Caver

Graphic Design

Since the introduction of international air travel, airports have aimed to be shared spaces that are accessible and understandable to all. In this attempt for universal approachability, airports became characterless, hospital-like clouds of space devoid of any diversity or cultural representation. This “one fits all” approach to space, identity and interior design was most likely borrowed from the European style movements such as Swiss Design and International Style. Clean, sterile, and straight to the point, these movements eliminated any cultural references. Almost one hundred years of aesthetic polishing has left us with spaces and brands lacking personality and warmth. Using graphic design, in my thesis work, I recreate international airport logos, and waiting areas from three major airports in Germany, Russia and the U.S., to help them function better as visual cultural ambassadors. I aim for appropriate cultural representation expressed through art, history and authenticity of each country to help airports become better cultural representatives.


Omsk, Russia/Shweinfurt, Germany

Valentina Caver is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. She has experience working with clients from the US and Germany and speaks three languages. Her love and passion for art and design is deeply rooted in the desire to solve problems and see beauty and purpose in all things. Her trust in the problem-solving process as a designer and artist gives her the confidence in her work. Caver is interested in how cultural backgrounds help us interpret the language of design. “In my digital work I like to combine handmade elements such as typography and illustrations to create unique layouts. When away from the computer I like painting, drawing and crafts”.


Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design, University of Arkansas

B.F.A. Graphic Design, New Mexico State