Constanza Loustalet

Interior Design

International students study abroad for many different reasons, which may include personal and professional growth, sometimes prompted by unfortunate political, social, or economic circumstances. A common struggle for international students is adapting to the new environment their host country offers. To address this, my thesis project entitled Abroad provides a structured campus space as an accessible entry point where international students can find needed emotional relief in the search for long-term solutions. The space will be designed to contribute to emotional well-being, with graphic content to create a sense of belonging, and printed information to encourage students to embrace the idea of contemplation with the ambition of fostering a supportive community.


Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Constanza is a Venezuelan Architect who recently earned her M.F.A. in Interior Design at Georgia State University. She has worked in Architecture firms back home in Venezuela, focusing on residential and commercial design. Currently, Constanza is working at HLGstudio as part of the healthcare team. Her separate work is to study the relation of the senses and the feelings they provoke in spaces. Constanza’s latest thesis work focused on international students’ adaptation to a new culture and how to improve their experience abroad by designing a space for comfort to build a sense of belonging.


Bachelors in Architecture, Instituto Universitario Politécnico Santiago Mariño, Caracas, Venezuela