Ana Coello

Graphic Design

Advenus is a graphic design project that explores the challenges and barriers that international students encounter in the United States while seeking employment. Despite the value and knowledge that international students can offer to the U.S. economy, government policies regarding immigration make starting a new life here a challenge. For most individuals, it starts – or ends – with a lottery system. Advenus provides resources in digital and print formats, like a website and posters, to help international students navigate the immigration process, understand the different types of visas, answer specific questions, and prepare for job applications, with the goal of overcoming obstacles that come up during the process. Advenus (Latin for foreign) will also become a platform to share stories of those who have gone through the process – a vehicle for immigrant voices.


Maracaibo, Venezuela

Ana is a Venezuelan designer with an M.F.A in Graphic Design from Georgia State University. Ana has had projects recognized in regional and international contests. She has worked with clients from Venezuela, Colombia, and the United States. Currently, Ana is working at Biscuit Studios as a Graphic Designer. Her recent interests are linked to the integration between graphic design and other disciplines, as well as the exploration of social issues.


Bachelors in Graphic Design, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela (2014)